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"People often expect me to have something profound to say about why I write or what inspires me to do so. I guess my greatest reason for writing is to release and share, thoughts, feelings, and ideas I feel others can relate to. Life in general is what inspires me. Each new day brings with it a new story to tell..." ~Marie Antionette
Cauzing Elevation

• Founder Marie Antionette
• Licensed/ EST 2009
• 20+ Published Titles
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• A Girl Named Job
• Keep Ya Hands To YaSelf
• The Struggle
• The Cook Chronicles Three Generations of Poets
• We Didn't Know
• Releasing The Stronghold of Lies & more... 

The Queen
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"Everyone has a story.... I write stories everyone can relate to..." ~Marie Antionette #IWrite #ReadersWanted 
"Marie Antionette The hardest on-line hustler in the biz!" ~Wahida Clark