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Marie Antionette
Dalord Rip Raw
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Everyday people, with exceptional talent, telling extraordinary stories! They are the authors of the Cauzing Elevation Publishing Imprint. If you've imagined it, lived it, witnessed it, laughed about it, or even cried about it, we've probably written a book about it or intend to! Know this, as you continue to tour this page. There is more to these individuals than meets the eye and they share it all with the world by way of their pen! 
Kelli Mitchell
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Marie Antionette, founder and CEO of Cauzing Elevation and six time author is a native of Trenton, New Jersey who has been writing for as long as she can remember. Having been raised in a house with two other writers, (her Grandfather the poet, William J. Cook Jr. and her mother the constant writer who could fill a notebook in a day) this mother of three decided to take her inherited talent seriously and to the next level. "After reading my grandfathers journal, I realized certain thoughts and stories are meant to be shared."
~Marie Antionette
Dalord Rip Raw was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey. A city where not many have been known to make it out on a positive note. Yet it’s still the place he calls home. Due to his many stays of incarceration, the author considers or believes he was saved from the outcome of death or the life prison terms bestowed upon many of his known comrades; due to the drugs, murder, poverty, money problems and mayhem which plague the small South Jersey City. He also believes (knows) he held a bigger purpose in life. 
Once Dalord made the decision to leave the streets alone he focused on living a better life on his terms. It felt good for once in his life to be innocent. However due to the evils men & women do, he again found himself back in an incarcerated state of living; fighting to obtain his freedom. A freedom he ironically found through his creative voice which was yearning to be heard. The voice of, “Raw.” 

The lovely and adorable Kelli D. Mitchell. Mother of two native of Trenton, NJ, former Trenton Central High School student, community activist, Owner of “Outstanding Diva Cleaning Services” and Founder of “Love Always You.” Kelli is a living legend and icon to many who have grown to know and admire for her acts of kindness and candid openness. Her debut title as an author, “Coffee No Sugar No Cream Just Black” is more than just a memoir. It’s a detailed testimony of her struggles and triumphs. Kelli decided to share her story because she knew it was time for her to “FREE” herself of her past completely and hopes it can also help to free someone from theirs as well.
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Marie Antionette
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Kelli Mitchell
LaValle Williams III
Trenton Native, father, Chef and now Author, LaValle Williams III makes his debut into the literary industry with a revealing, lighthearted urban read titled Behind Closed Doors. Born and raised in Trenton, NJ and a graduate of Lawrence High school, this 25 year actually penned his first works when he was only 17! Behind Closed Doors is suspenseful, unpredictable read and we implore you to stay tuned for Part II! 
Tish Dunbar-Edmondson
Minister Laticia Edmondson describes herself as “a work in progress.” From a “hard knock” teenage and early adult lifestyle, Minister Laticia’s life has been surrounded by the grace only God can provide. 

Surviving both physical and emotional abuse, Laticia credits the joyful, glory filled woman she is today to the prayers of others who loved and cared for her. 

Today, she spends time with the Lord, interceding on behalf of others, believing that prayer is necessary for change. Having a submissive heart, she reaches out to the broken spirited as a testimony of what God’s love is capable of doing. 

Born in Muskegon, MI, now residing in Dallas, Texas with her anointed husband Minister Albert Edmondson and their blended family of five, Releasing The Stronghold of Secrets is Author Laticia’s first memoir which she hopes not only provides proof of what she ministers but inspires readers while capturing their hearts.
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