Cauzing Elevation

Marie Antionette
Ordering Instructions & Help
​Book orders can be placed on the Book page (3rd tab) tab of the site navigation bar (far right.) Media Shipping Fee applies to BOOK ORDERS ONLY. If ordering Books and additional items, please use the Merch Shipping option. USPS will NOT ship anything other than Media (Books) at the Media Shipping Rate (Neither will I.)  
Merchandise (Merch)
1. ​Merchandise ordering can be made on the "Merch, " "And More...," and "And More II" pages (5th, 6th & 7th tabs on the far right of navigation bar).

2. You must use the Merch Shipping option for anything other than books or a book order combined with merch. If you opt for in person delivery, You must include that fee before finalizing your order. (NOTHNG MOVES WITHOUTH PROPER SHIPPING OR DELIVERY APPLIED.) 

3. All items listed on the Cauzing Elevation Website are available and ready to go. 
IF you want to order an item that you do not see, (Tee's or Hoodie's ONLY) use the "Buy This" tab associated with the item, then indicate the size and color you desire in a note (when using PayPal on the website) or by using the "Contact Us" tab above (if using CashApp). *Note: Pricing for Tee's and Hoodies increase with size. Please use the correct tab for the size you are ordering.  

4. Items with an "Asterisk are LIMITED and are NOT likely to be restocked once they are gone. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER FOR A LIMITED ITEM NOT SEEN ON THE SITE. 

5. A request, inquiry, message on social media, email or otherwise does not constitute an order. Only receipt of payment confirms and secures an order.

6. If it's NOT listed on the site, not listed as an item one can Pre-Order, and not listed above in (3) as an item that can be ordered (Adult Hoodie or Tee) I don't and won't have it. Please take the time to read the above clearly as I've taken the time to provide as much clarity for your shopping experience as possible. Only serious business inquiries will receive a response.  
Delivery & Shipping
Delivery and Shipping are not OPTIONS. Items will not ship without applicable shipping or delivery feels applied to final order. 
Delivery is only available for LOCAL customers.
Pick up is an available option ONLY if convenient. 
​Books $10-$20
e-books No greater than $5
Tee's $20-$25 Small - 2X & $30 for 3X-5X
Youth Hoodies $25
*** Youth Tee's $10
Adult Hoodies $45-$50
Limited Items Prices Vary
Pricing for book services are listed on the services page

Prices subject to change at anytime