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A Girl Named Job $18.00
Girl Named Job is a “I can show you better than I an tell you,” but first let me “grow” thru the experiences I need to learn, so I can become who I need to become, candid memoir. It’s a story of grit, passion, perseverance and evolving self love. Some of us go thru life’s toughest storms. While “enduring,” we sometimes fail to see we’re not “growing” thru them so they can break us, but so we be the example that they can be overcome. Just like David won against Goliath and Job lost everything but gained it all back and then some, those of us who find ourselves in similar situations, also find ourselves looking back saying “Wow! I did that! I made it thru!” A Girl Named Job is a vivid chronological recall of one woman’s unbelievable trails turned into triumphs. It’s an emotional and entertaining piece of a naïve teen making all of the wrong decisions, a young woman trapped by her fears, mislead by blind love, betrayed by false loyalty, then rebirthed from the ash left by the flames which polished her in the process. What most think will ruin them, usually turns out to be a blessing in disguise. No matter what you’ve been thru, no matter what you’re going thru, your circumstances don’t define you. How you rise above them will.  
The revised edition of this Bestseller  will be available March 2022

Beyond The Struggle $19.99
We Didn't Know $18.00
Baby I Don't Have It $19.00
Keep Ya' Hands To Ya' Self $12.00
The Cook Chronicles $14.00
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Sometimes the only thing-holding one back is their mindset. When one changes their mindset from I can’t to I can and from looking back at their past to looking forward towards a bright future, one can get beyond just about anything. Change is inevitable. How one changes is a choice. Reconditioning the mind and realizing the change you desire isn’t just possible but that you have the ability within yourself to do so can be a game changer. ~Awareness

King and Serenity don't have any recall of meeting one another over 15 years ago. They were far too young. Therefore, when they meet again in present day, they have no reservations or restrictions about one another and end up falling dangerously in love. We Didn't Know is a love story about family, and how every truth is relevant if one wants to avoid an irreversible rip current. Once they discover who they are, will their lives ever be the same again...?   ~Fiction 

Many parents, particularly un-wed ones, don't feel they ever do enough. Many children, raised in one parent homes, don't appreciate enough either. “Baby I Don't Have It” is an ode to parenting, be it single or dual. Ensuring our youth go further in life than ourselves isn't always easy but it is a must and it's doable. When we don't have a way we simply make one and by doing so, we add a little but more security to the success of our youths future and as well as our own. ~True To Life 

Everyone has their trigger. Some actions, no matter how innocent can cause a traumatic recall. What happens when that occurs? When one feels endangered or that another is or has crossed a line? The reaction can be as unpredictable as it can be deadly. Saying sorry isn't always enough. ~Fiction 

The Cook Chronicles Three Generations of Poets is an eloquent, militant, complex yet simple collection of heart touching, brow raising, thought provoking, poems. Rewinding the hands of time as far back as WWII, collectively progressing into our current era. It’s a fulfilling piece, a vivid escape, refreshing and timeless. ~Poetry

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Signs of Endurance $16.00
One of our most undeniable common as humans is life. How similar our lives are to others whom we may not even think endure the same as we do can astound us. People we encounter daily or simply in passing, carrying the same burdens, praying for the same miracles, pushing through the same storms. Alisha, Regina, Orlando, Crystal & Mekhi are strangers with one thing in common. They must conjure the resilience to endure their storms and heal their wounds because failure and surrender isn't an option. ~Short Stories

The Struggle $ 17.00
In order to heal a community you must first inform them of what hinders their growth and causes their continuous cycles of hurt and destruction. Before they can fight any battle, they must first know what they are battling and arm themselves with the proper knowledge to do so. A must read for anyone with ties to urban living and conditioning. ~Awareness

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So You Want To Write A Book? $9.99
An informative, easy to follow, 55 page guide for aspiring writers. This piece answers most, if not all of the questions many seek solid answers to. It’s a step by step guide which can aid any writer in saving time and avoiding frustration, disappointment and most of all, money.  -How To

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"It's a Mindset..."
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Sometimes a few words can hit someone with the same or greater impact as an entire book. Sometimes a few words can reshape someone’s outlook from despair to determined and from deprived to driven. Sometimes, most do not need the entire sermon. They just need the gentle or firm reminder of who they are, what they stand for, what is, and what isn’t a matter of their reality and progression.
About VS. 
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VS. $15.00
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Each time I write a book, I pay homage to my ancestors who were forbidden, punished and killed for wanting to do or for doing so. Each time you read a book, you pay homage to them as well... ~Marie Antionette
I penned VS. with the mindset and intent to provide those lil’ nudges & reminder to all. That their destiny and ability to elevate truly lies within their own hands and is of their own will and abilities. In an effort to better connect with the reader, I video reference a clip for each entry. VS. pronounced (Verses) is my 10th piece. “I never dreamed I would come this far and yet, I never think or dream of stopping.”
~Marie Antionette 
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