Cauzing Elevation

Marie Antionette
A Girl Named Job $18.00
If you think you've been "Thru It All" and don't have the energy, strength or know how to keep going... If you think the things you've been through, hurt, trauma, humilation, embarassment is too much for you to over come, then A Girl Named Job is for you no matter if you are Male or Female. It's a triumphant story tapping into every human emotion. An amazingly candid, vivid and true-life tale of inspiration. Male or female, once you pick this one up you will not want to put it down! - Memoir  
Beyond The Struggle $19.99
We Didn't Know $18.00
Baby I Don't Have It $19.00
Keep Ya' Hands To Ya' Self $12.00
The Cook Chronicles $14.00
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Sometimes the only thing holding one back is their mindset. Change your mindset and you can get beyond just about anything. Change in inevitable regardless. How one changes is a choice. Knowledge is always the first step because you can't defeat weapons formed against you until you know who and what they are and how they are used against you.- Awareness
King and Serenity don't have any recall of meeting one another over 15 years go but fall dangerously in love with one another when they meet again as adults. We Didn't Know is a story about family, and how every truth is relevant if one wants to avoid an irreversible rip current. Will their lives ever be the same again...?  same. ~Fiction  
Many parents, especially un-wed, don't feel they ever do enough. Many children, coming from one parent homes, don't appreciate enough. Baby I Don't Have It is an ode to parenting, be it single or dual.  Ensuring our youth go further in life than ourselves isn't always easy but it is a must and it's doable. When we don't have a way we simply make one and by doing so, we add a little but more security to the success of our youths future and our own. ~True To Life 
Everyone has their trigger. What happens when one crosses the line, when one can't turn back, or feels their life is in danger? Saying sorry isn't always enough and cornering a scared cat can end drastically. ~Fiction 
Three different era's and perspectives on the good, bad and in-between of life from as early as WWII. Emotions eloquently penned, militant, complex, yet simple, refreshing and timeless. ~Poetry
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Signs of Endurance $16.00
Alisha, Regina, Orlando, Crystal & Mekhi. Strangers with one thing in common. They must conjure the resilience to endure because failure isn't an option. ~Short Stories
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The Struggle $ 17.00
In order to heal a community you must first inform them of what hinders their growth. A must read for anyone with ties to urban living and conditioning. ~Awareness
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So You Want To Write A Book? $9.99
An informative, easy to follow, 55 page, guide for aspiring writers. This piece answers most, if 
not all of the questions many seek answers to which can save them time, frustration, disappointment and most of all, money.
 ~How To
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"It's a Mindset..."
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Sometimes a few words can hit someone with the same or greater impact as an entire book. Sometimes a few words can reshape someone’s outlook from despair to determined and driven. Sometimes, most do not need the entire sermon. They just need the gentle or firm reminder of who they are, where they stand, what is, and what isn’t a matter of their reality and progression. 

I penned VS. with the mindset and intent to provide those lil’ nudges & reminder to all. That their destiny and ability to elevate truly lies within their own hands and is of their own will and abilities. In an effort to better connect with the reader, I video reference a clip for each entry. VS. pronounced (Verses) is my 10th piece. “I never dreamed I would come this far and yet, I never think or dream of stopping.”
~Marie Antionette 

About VS. 
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VS. $15.00