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The Brain Behind It All...
"I began Cauzing Elevation in March 2007 with one goal. To provide multi-genre, thought provoking reads to everyone, but especially those who didn't already have a love or desire to read. My aim was to pen works that built up a love for reading, unlike the forced required reading that turned many of us away from wanting to read or dislike reading overall." 

That aim grew into a Mindset. To not just provide readers with works of my own, but to assist other writers in providing potential readers with the same. I give each client the same dedication to their work as I do my own. Cauzing Elevation is a "Mindset." If I'm not Cauzing Elevation I won't even bother."   

Writer-Author Marie Antionette
    "I'm Amazing..." That pretty much sums it up and that's not being cocky. Everyone should feel they are amazing. You're amazing too and should remind yourself of it daily. Now, if you want to know more about me than what's already public, then you'll have to get my first book titled, "A Girl Named Job." After all, I'm not just beauty, I'm also brains and business minded.
    ~Marie Antionette

"I write so what's in me won't one day die with me. I write so I can continue to live..." ~Marie Antionette
"It's a Mindset..."
 "I write the content I do because I want readers of all likes to know, those coming from an urban upbringing aren't limited to glorified street stories or tales of brokenness and one doesn't have to be a scholar to be great...
  ~Marie Antionette

Marie Antionette & Dr. West, February 2011
    "It all started with a name (Cauzing Elevation) and one book (A Girl Named Job) back in 2007. That one book grew into a catalogue of 10 plus one if you count the e-book, and that name grew into a brand.
  ~Marie Antionette
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The Big Pay Black
​I grew up Red & Black Attack. That's what I knew and I couldn't wait to get to "The High" so I could represent "The Town's" colors, that iconic T and that Tornado. It was a milestone for anyone growing up in Trenton. My oldest two sons grew up Red & Black too. The three of us represent the class of 1988, 2011 & 2019. My youngest in charge on the other hand represents Orange& Black, since our move to Hamilton in 2019 and so do many of my nieces and nephews. Hence, as I thought of ways to give back to the community and school that grew me and my oldest two, I couldn't leave out the community we are now becoming a part of. 

So, as my way of giving back to both communities and the futures of them, I will gift the 1st 50 high school students from either school, who meet the requirements on the flyer with their t-shirt, book or hoodie of choice, from the Cauzing Elevation website. You can represent Red and Black or Orange and Black, just keep your mindset on constantly Cauzing Elevation. 

Valid now thru the class of 2028!

I expect to gift 50 shirts and or books at the end of each semester. By the end of the semester year, I expect to gift 50 hoodies. Don't let me down. I'm counting on you! 
If you would like to sponsor t-shirts, books or hoodies for the qualifying students, send me a message and I'll let you know how. 
2017 TCHS Football Squad
2019 TCHS- The Re-Birth
Our names will reign within the school as long as it stands. 
Marie & Messiah
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