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Marie Antionette
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The Brain Behind The Brand
"I founded Cauzing Elevation in March 2007 with one goal. To provide multi-genre, thought provoking works to readers, and assist aspiring writers with bringing their works to life. I pen each book with the same enthusiasm as my first, and give each client the same dedication to their work as I do my own. If I'm not Cauzing Elevation I will go harder."   
Cauzing Elevation is independently owned, operating out of the great Garden State. Since 2007, the mission has been simple. To encourage reading with entertaining, educating and elevating reads. "Writing is an inherited passion, I turned into a business, that will one day become my legacy." 
~ Marie "Murf" Antionette
Author Marie Antionette
Native New Jersian, Trentonian, (Trenton, NJ) and mother of 3, Marie Antionette has published 20 plus titles over a span of 14 years, including 9 of her own. "Writing excites, and yet calms me at the same time. It's my ultimate balance between my peace and my drive. While developing characters, scenarios and twist, I become as engulfed in the storyline, what may or may not happen, as I want my readers to become. Once I complete a project, before I know it, I'm jotting down notes to begin another one. I couldn't turn this off if I tried. I feel abundantly blessed, to be one of the many, to possess such an amazing gift." 
~Marie "Murf" Antionette 
Everyone has a story to tell that, believe it or not, someone else cannot wait to read...
"It's a Mindset..."